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My Favorite Blogger got my mugs and coasters!

Foodie Mikey Chen

I've sent my mugs and coasters to one of my favorite bloggers, Mikey Chen and he finally received them!  

From time to time, Mikey makes videos on unboxing gifts from his fans and my mugs and coasters are in his video!  (See 12:16 in the video for my mugs/coasters, He loves them!)


Mikey has several YouTube channels.  One of them is "Strictly Dumplings", which mainly talks about food around the world. Sometimes, you'll see Mikey eating a ton of mouth watering food in restaurants; other times, he'll teach you how to make Pho or hand pulled noodles.  The possibilities are limitless!  I also like how genuine his channels are, and Mikey doesn't try to sell you anything.  Usually, he'll make it pretty clear if the video is sponsored.

I actually tried one of Mikey's recommendation, Eden Silk Road. (see video below for his video).  Eden Silk Road was a great recommendation. Their skewers were juicy and savory, and their hand pulled noodles had the perfect balance of texture and chewiness.  However, I was quite disappointed when I found out  that they were out of Chicken hand pulled noodles, their signature dish. Also, like a lot of Chinese Restaurants, their service was only fair.


OK that's all for now. Thank you so much for reading.  Next up, my new products!  See you next time.

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