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My Latest Artwork with a special touch and the things I didn't tell you about my artwork!

Art and Wine Festival Artwork gift New Designs

I've been looking through my designs and trying to figure out what's needed to make my artwork stand out.  I think I've finally figured out it.  Mr. PonCat needs some color in his life.  A colored frame + something in color really makes Mr. PonCat unq  I'm sure Mr. PonCat appreciates the color too! Here are some examples.

*Naps Everyday

A lot of people like this piece. I think it's because they can relate to this. From what my customers tell me, they either nap everyday, or know someone (including cats) who naps everyday or would love to nap everyday.

Sage Frame, Naps Everyday 

Mr PonCat's Bubble Bath

I don't show case this piece a lot.  Originally, I didn't think  this piece is all that special, but it started to get some attention at fairs.  It made sense when customers mentioned putting this piece in the bathroom.  I began refining this piece, and finally, I  made the rubber ducky yellow.

Teal Frame, Mr. PonCat's Bubble Bath

Navy Blue Framed Art Mr. PonCat Gift

Navy Blue Frame, Mr. PonCat's Bubble Bath


Mr. PonCat goes hot air ballooning

This is an inspiration piece.  We all have a burning desire to do "something". Why not just do it?  Sometimes, it might not be easy for many reasons (such as job, family, money, time) but with some sacrifice, we can do what want.  I've always wanted to start an art business so I started one.  I'm not sure if it's going to work out, but it's a journey.  I also have a funny sequel to this piece. I will show you later.


Mr. PonCat hot air ballooning framed art and gift

Navy Blue Frame, Mr. PonCat goes hot air ballooning



Mr PonCat goes swimming 

This is another piece which displays Mr. PonCat's relentless effort to explore the unknown. Mr. PonCat is a brave cat.

Mr. PonCat goes to the beach. Gift Frame

Navy Blue Frame, Mr PonCat goes swimming


Run Kitty Run! 

I don't know why, I just really like this piece. It's kind of funny in a way.  This is something a cat WOULD NOT do on his/her own. But quite a few people mentioned that their cats needed exercise and putting them on a treadmill wouldn't be a bad idea.

Mr. Poncat runs on treadmill gift frame

Navy Blue Frame, Run Kitty Run!


Multiple framed cat art

More Photos


That's all for now. I'll be showcasing my new t-shirt designs next. Stay tuned! 

Thank you all for your support

- Leon

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