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The Beginning of my PonCat Trademark Journey - Part 1 - Mega Company Intervenes!

Hi all, 

I know it's been a while since I've written anything on Social Media and I apologize for the absence. Mr. PonCat has been MIA  (missing in action) for a while due to health and work related issues.  But now he's back I promise!

Back to our Trademark story.  I filed a trademark for PonCat in late 2015 and I thought it would be an easy process - choose the word, file an application with USPTO (United States  Patent and Trademark Office), and profit.  Wrong!

The process in theory was pretty simple; I chose my Trademark classes to file, attached product pictures, wrote my product descriptions and I was done (the attorney did the rest).  Everything was going pretty smoothly until I received an email from the firm I hired to file my application.




It was Nov 2015 ( I couldn't remember the exact date), when I received that email.  The email was about a Cease and Desist Letter that the firm received regarding my trademark.  The gist of the letter basically demanded I cancel my Trademark application.  Absurd, absolutely absurd, why would ANYONE be interested in my little kitty company? PonCat was created to make the world a happier place, he wasn't going to harm anyone.  What was even more bizarre was the letter was sent by a MULTIBILLION DOLLAR PUBLIC company.  

Since it was the my first time filing a trademark application, I consulted my attorney on the Cease and Desist letter, and discussed what the next steps were.  Details aside, basically the next step was to respond to the Cease and Desist letter. It was a financial hit to my business. Legal costs added up very quickly.  I wasn't anticipating any road blocks to application.  Clearly, I was too optimistic. To comfort myself, I thought, "OK, after I respond to this letter, it should be over and I'll get my trademark".  Wrong AGAIN!  It was far, far far FAR from over.  The journey have just begun...

Until next time! 

Here is a drawing by my significant other from a game of Telestration. Can you guess what she was trying to draw? Should be pretty obvious right?

Mount Rushmore









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