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My Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival 2017 Experience!

2017 Art and Wine Festival New Designs Sunnyvale

I am THRILLED to tell you that the past weekend was one of my best years attending Art and Wine Festivals.  The turnout was simply amazing.  Unique artwork, live music, and of course, wine and drinks,  all joined forces to make this festival a memorable one.

There were many familiar faces this year. Many of my neighbors were returning artists and craft people from previous years.  However, one of my favorite artist, Kirk, was not there this year. :(

To start, here is a short video of my booth. It's an 18 second panoramic view from inside my booth.


The past weekend was a hot but beautiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky. But I sure was cooking in my booth.  Like previous year, my booth was situated on Murphy Street, where all the amazing restaurants are located.  I was lucky enough to be positioned directly in front of Oscar Reynolds, who performed live music all day on Saturday. His performance definitely caught everyone's attention. I think this is his website and biography, feel free to check it out 

Thank you returning customers+fans!

This year, we had so many returning customers+fans. They were SO excited to see my new designs. I cannot explain how rewarding it was to see their enthusiasm.  

Here are some posts from my customers!

Customer Instagram post of mrponcat.  Cat PhonecaseCustomer Instagram post of mrponcat.  Cat artwork

New Designs and Products

It's been a while since I made new products, so I made a few new things just to test the water --the outcome was terrific.  My "Working Hard", "Naps Everyday", and "Troublemaker" designs were a hit.  People loved them and scrambled to get them for themselves and their friends and family.  I guess my designs really expressed who they are.  I'm more of "Working Hard" type of person and others are more of the "Naps Everyday" type.

Mr PonCat Cat T-Shirts


sorry, I didn't take a picture of my "Naps Everyday" t-shirt at the fair :(

Another thing I did differently this year was that I showcased more of my artwork in prints and framed art.  It was another experiment, and it turned out pretty well.  I actually have a lot of artwork that I have not revealed to the public yet.  Unfortunately, running a small business requires me to be an accountant, software engineer, salesperson, procurement manager, and moverl, so I didn't have the time to refine and showcase my other designs.  But I promise, that day will come.

Here are more customer photos

Mr. PonCat hotair balloon framed art


Some more photos I took. 

Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival 2017 View from Mr. PonCat booth

Early Saturday Morning

Finally, I would like to thank you all for attending the 2017 Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival.  I will be attending the Fremont  and Mountain View Art and Wine Festival. Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  To show your support, please follow me on Facebook/Instagram. 

Your Local Artist + Mr. Poncat



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