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About Us

Who is PonCat?"

PonCat Cat Drawing

PonCat is a fluffy white cat created in late 2014 and is inspired by our friend's cat. PonCat is a little pudgy and a little clumsy, but he definitely has an unique personality.   PonCat's favorite activities are napping and eating.   

Established since 2015”

Established since 2015, PonCat is a local business in the Silicon Valley. We travel around northern California exhibiting our work in local art fairs and markets simply because we love PonCat and believe others will too.  

“Designed in California”

All our PonCat designs are original pieces of artwork. Every design is carefully hand-drawn and digitally enhanced.

“An Artist, an Engineer

The mastermind behind PonCat is a software engineer who develops software for the phones and work with the latest gadgets during the day, and relentlessly builds his PonCat empire during the night. Find out more about the artist